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part 2.


The Innate Journey Part 2: Birth & Postpartum

Blyss and Haize begin by taking you through traditional childbirth education including:

  • the anatomy and physiology of labor and birth

  • signs and stages of labor

  • comfort measures and coping techniques

  • how partners can help

  • the role of sexuality in birth and the postpartum period

  • possible complications to birth

  • how to create an individualized birth and postpartum plan, and

  • how to navigate when things do not go according to plan.  

The Innate Journey series is educational, dynamic, and experiential.  Through learning the mechanics and physiological process of birth, with respect for our natural design. Throughout this class you will cultivate a greater sense of confidence in yourself and your body, opening up to the mystery and magic of birth. They will support you in bringing mindfulness into your pregnancy and weaving sacred ritual into your birth and postpartum time.

Blyss and Haize will guide you in understanding and supporting sex and intimacy during pregnancy by deepening the connection and communication between you and your partner.  You will discover new opportunities to strengthen your relationship as you explore the role of sexuality in birth and the postpartum period.


 The Innate Journey is an all inclusive and singular course to prepare the mind, body, and spirit.  Join Blyss and Haize; trust your inner wisdom, be empowered in your choices, and connect with each other as you prepare for your birth. As you explore your birth options and the natural process of birth, space will be held for you to reclaim your power and confidence in yourself and in your birth choices.

The series is offered as both a 2 day intensive and a 4 week series. Check the schedule for upcoming dates.

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