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I am a Heart Led Spiritual Mentor Facilitator and Master Doula. My training began with ACHI and completed with ALACE. I feel that pregnancy is a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical journey. A Birth Family’s thoughts and emotions, the emotional changes witnessed by the Partner and the physical/emotional changes the Birth Mother feels within her body, all impact how she chooses to birth her baby, which will set the tone for their future lives. 


This series helps to provide the mother with a safe place, a haven where she can ask questions, speak freely, and gain advice and support. My role is to hold the counsel of women in their journey at this most sacred time of life, giving guidance through the emotional aspect of pregnancy and labor.  I also bring if desired an emphasis on nutrition, aromatherapy and lifestyle during pregnancy, birth and delivery. I am a hands on coach for birth parents and an extra set of eyes during birth.


In addition to this series, I offer private counseling sessions for birth related issues, including preconception and planning your pregnancy, fear in labor, fear of death in labor, birth trauma (yours or your mother's) and postpartum concerns. I also work with couples fortifying their relationships. Phone sessions are also available.


I am here to serve. I offer to you the sum total of everything I’ve learned as a world traveler, educator, circle facilitator, spiritual leader, and mother - especially as it pertains to raising and mentoring activated, intuned, and luminescent girls and women. I am here to be a blessing to the Divine in everyone by sharing my gifts trough music, teaching, arts, healing, dancing, writing, speaking, cooking and even a gentle smile.

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