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part 1.


The Innate Journey Part 1:

Pregnancy & Conscious Conception

In this one day intensive Blyss and Haize will guide you in discovering and fostering your “inner wisdom” around conscious conception and natural pregnancy. In the Innate Journey, you will receive support and resources to better prepare you to conceive and carry your baby, including lifestyle and nutrition; yoga and tantra practices to stay connected and conscious through your journey to motherhood; and understanding how to support sex and intimacy for and during pregnancy.

With this intensive workshop, you will deepen your connection to your partner and meet like minded friends in an environment that fosters safety, respect, and compassion.  Together with Blyss and Haize, you will gain a deep understanding to bring mindfulness and ritual in and around your pregnancy.


This workshop is ideally for women in their first trimester of pregnancy and preparing for conscious conception, though also beneficial for the second trimester of pregnancy. Intended for couples.

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