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The Innate Journey

These classes center on a deep discovery and development of trust in your

own inner wisdom around natural childbirth and parenting.  

Blyss and Haize hold space for honesty, inquiry, vulnerability, joy,

laughter, profound insight, and greater freedom. They hold a mirror for

you to reflect and release societal and cultural fears around birth, dissolve

emotional blocks, and step into your power as a parent.  You will also

learn practices and rituals to stay connected and conscious through the

remainder of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

With their incredible compassion and commitment to families, Blyss and

Haize take you on a transformational journey, the Innate Journey, to trust

in your own inner wisdom, feel empowered in your choices, intimately

connect with your partner, and meet other like minded parents.

The Innate Journey Pre-Pregnancy: Pregnancy & Conscious Conception

This is a one day intensive workshop ideally for couples preparing for conscious conception or in their first trimester of pregnancy. 

Beginning your journey to birth and parenthood by fostering intimate connection and honoring the sacredness of the journey. 

The Innate Journey Childbirth Education: Birth & Postpartum

This series is more than a traditional child birth education class. It covers all the basics and then delves deeper into the connection, support and ritual around pregnancy and birth. A class for birthing people and their partners who are seeking a sensural and connected experience throughout their journey. 

Offered as a 4 week series or a 2 week intensive.

The Innate Journey Training: For Birthkeepers

Blyss and Haize share their collective knowledge and experience with birth workers interested in supporting birthing people through their own innate journeys. A space for birth workers to come together, not only to learn but also to share and explore the work they do with a likeminded community. 

Offered as a 1 day intensive or retreat style weekend.

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