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Join midwives and birth intuits Blyss Young and Haize Hawke in a transformational journey exploring the emotional, physical, and spiritual transitions through conscious conception and pregnancy, childbirth, and new parenthood.   


With their combined experience of over 30 years in the natural birth world helping thousands of women and families, Blyss and Haize have designed an interdisciplinary class, integrating knowledge and methods from many different modalities for a remarkable synthesis of childbirth philosophies (Bradley, Hypnosis for Birth, Birthing From Within), medical research, traditional midwifery, Yoga, Tantra, meditation, mindfulness, and the practical wisdom of their own experiences as mothers, doulas, and midwives, to provide you with effective techniques, information, and support needed for this powerful and innate journey.

The Innate Journey is just that - a process of remembering and presencing the intuitive guidance within as you walk along your path to birth and parenting.



The Innate Journey, facilitated by Blyss Young, LM CPM and Haize Hawke, student midwife, healer and master doula. Together, we will explore the emotional, physical, and spiritual transitions  pregnancy, childbirth, and new parenthood. 


Birthkeeper Trainings

Childbirth Education Series: 

Retreat in Santa Barbara

with Blyss Young, LM CPM and

Haize Hawke, Master Doula and Student Midwife

None are currently scheduled. Contact us with inquiries.

January 7, 14, 21, 28

February 18, 25, March 3, 10

all sessions in LA with Haize Hawke


team blaize


about team blaize.

Blyss and Haize paths crossed at The Sanctuary Birth Center in Los Angeles in 2006. Haize took one look at Blyss and knew she’d be a midwife one day and Blyss knew that they had work to do together in a unique way.  After Blyss received her license and many years of “courting” Haize, Team Blaize and the Innate Journey was born.

Their shared passions continued to weave together to create this unique class. They have incorporated what they both felt was missing in their own preparations for birth, focusing on connecting at a deeper level and truly preparing for the families they serve. They are delighted to see this idea is blossoming beyond just the small population that they personally can serve and are looking forward to international on line offerings and a book in the future. They welcome you to this interconnected and truly innate and intuitive journey, and the community that it creates.

Blyss Young, LM CPM

Blyss Young, LM CPM, is a home birth midwife. Through her guidance and love centered approach she supports families to birth in the ways that they feel most empowered. She is a firm believer in intuition, the sacredness and ritual of birth and the power of autonomy in birth.

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Haize Hawke

 Haize is an assistant midwife, master doula, and spiritual mentor. She supports families in their journey to and through birth with a holistic, spiritual and emotionally centered approach. She sees and supports the divine in everyone and uses her many creative gifts to fortify those beliefs in others.

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